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13 December 2009 @ 12:38 am
It's been a while!

A very long time probably since i last updated ; I cant say i will be updating often; but i will definately try to ressurect this graphics blog of mine =)

So, here we are!

*pause a moment to bitch a little about kame's hair =/ I like it the way it is in this pic, but all the other shots in other magazines are pretty cringe worthy *

[7] Wallpapers of Batch# Papercuts`



Scans credit to: JORS

As per usual; comments welcome and credits required if used =)

Hope to see you guys soon with a new batch!

xoxo J.
01 May 2009 @ 12:04 am

Hello Dearies!

All my personal, non-KAT-TUN/Graphics related posts are going into my xxjenniixx_77


Which means that xxakixx_77 account shall only be for JE Fandom flailings, and a shrine to my graphics! ^___^ (yay! No more useless rants for those of you who are only here for my graphics =PP jk,jk... or am i? =P )  

Please visit my personal journal xxjenniixx_77 and read and comment if you want to be-friend me! ^^ 
Thank you~~
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10 November 2008 @ 11:02 pm


BE BACK SOON!! ^________^ 

sorry for lack of updates graphic wise; but there's an old one LOLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLl

*Sorry, jenny is slightly drunk~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~* 


Peace ^^v 
16 October 2008 @ 09:55 am

Hello dearies;
HSfcknC` 08 IS HEREEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


I finish on the 29th Oct. though! ^____^ But damnnnn, cram cram cram! 

Jenni's exam schedule!

17/10 - Adv. Eng Area of Study - JOURNEYS ARE THE SEXXXXX ~.~''''
20/10 - Adv. Eng Modules - Lear kills me, kills me so bad...
24/10 - Legal Studies
27/10 - Mathematics 4U 
28/10 - Economics
29/10 - Mathematics 3U 

WOOHOOO - the last week of my HSC is going to rape me alive, RAPE ME ALIVE I TELL YOU! T_T''
*HSfcknC, formally known just as HSC is NSW, Australia's damned crude way of making you tear your hair out and lose all social contacts in the matter of 1 year.  (In case you didn't get that, its like uni entrance exam - spread over the entire year) 

(Please excuse the crude language in this post if that kind of stuff bothers you. Or you know, whatever =='') 
-Jennii 16/10/08 (T^T) 
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05 October 2008 @ 10:11 pm

Hello there my sweets =) I was on a hiatus previously (and still is) in preparation for my hsc! =) So sorry for the severe lack of updates~ But since it's dear Ueda's birthday, i thought i'd scramble something up =D

Now i wasn't planning to make anything since schoolwork calls, but since i felt procrastinative (if that's even a word) I made 4 walls for Ueda~ And that looked kind of plain.. so i thought, heck, Im going to make this into a "xxakixx_77 wallpapers for Ueda" post kind of thing which includes all the wallpapers I've ever made for Ueda =D

I've also changed the crediting of my name on my wallpapers from "xxjenniixx" to "xxakixx_77", since there has been many confusion regarding crediting on that basis ><'' But that change is not made on the old wallpapers, but please remember to credit xxakixx_77 !

Now also! It is ghirlie  Nee-Chan's birthday tomrorow! (for me, on my livejournal). For those who don't know, Ghirlie nee-chan is one of the mods of JORSUBS, and does a whole lot of stuff =) So i thought i'd make a banner for her! ^^ 
ghirlie  nee-chan: May you have a perfect birthday, and may you have a fulfilling and exciting year, but stay well! =D I thank you  and admire you for your strong dedication and hardwork towards this fandom, and im sure this is also appreciated by all the KT fans =) chus~ 

Now, the new ones are on top =) 


Scans credit to jone_records 

Please CREDIT IF USED! <3 And Comment because, that's just love ^_______^ hehe ~~
(DO NOT. Paste a picture on top of my graphics and label it yours, because i will eat you ._. i really mean it ) 

Love ya~
Peace~ ^^v
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